How to Reserve Your Beef

10 Easy Steps:

  1. Utilize our CONTACT page to reach out and get the conversation going.
  2. Find out the availability of butcher dates.
  3. Go over our fair pricing and what your order will come with.
  4. Put a deposit down.
    • $200 for a quarter
    • $400 for a half
    • $800 for a whole
  5. I will deliver the steer to Allen Meat Processing on the butcher date that fits your needs.
  6. I will contact you the week of processing and give you your remaining balance of the beef cost.
  7. You will contact Allen Meat Processing and customize your Cut Sheet to your perfection.
  8. You pick up your beef at Allen Meat Processing, pay for remaining beef costs with either check or cash to Jacquelyne Leffler. You will also pay for your processing charges to Allen Meat Processing at pick up with either cash, check or card.
  9. Go home and fill up your freezer with high quality, local, nutritious Kansas Beef!
  10. Unthaw some delicious beef and fire up the grill!